Thank you for your unimpeachable expose', brother. I have to come here to comment, because TBP has been infiltrated by Anonymous fools, some of whom have got to be Intel, as they are strictly KAOS agents, and factual intelligent articles are wasted by their internecine warfare in the comments. It's sad, but not unexpected, given that TBP is on the Fibbies' Hit List. So, to have a real discussion about a subject this important I have to come here.

If only more people knew that they are victims of a war they didn't even know they were fighting, we might have a chance of convincing some of them; but sadly, because of ego, most folks would rather not know, and go to their graves before they admit they were duped.

Read the Executive Summary; how many times is the word "could" or "would" used? "Predicted;" "anticipated;" "projected;" all words that could be simplified to: "IF." They use those words deliberately, because they actually have no idea what they are talking about, and attempt to conceal this through disingenuity.

Honestly, doctors and medical lab workers learn nothing useful in medical school except how to earn money at the cost of human ignorance and naivete. Since there has never been a virus isolated properly, all virology is hypothetical at best and mostly guesswork; as you have clearly shown, if you magnify something enough you will find unidentifiable components, which could literally be anything. When this happens, virologists claim it to be a virus, and then attempt to backwards-engineer it to fit their agenda -- which is, of course, that they haven't a clue what they're doing.

Something I want to point out, which is crucial to understanding how this kill shot "works," is the quaternized chitosan. Chitosan is the unpolymerized version of chitin; chitin is found in marine animals like crabs and lobsters, which gives their exoskeletons its rigidity, and is an abundant by-product of the aquatic food-processing industry. The important part is this: chitin and chitosan have been widely employed to fabricate polymer scaffolds, or the tendrils between the quantum nurseries seen in your slides. However, biodegradability is an insurmountable issue; once the chitosan enters the bloodstream, it must work quickly. I believe this is why they have to have a series of shots: each application is likely to require uniquely designed chitosan-based nano/micro-particles with specific dimensions and cargo-release characteristics to circumvent our immune response (which is being purposefully weakened). The key to the delivery of the nanotechnology seems to be chitosan, as its natural rigidity strengthens the cell wall of the quantum structures, and could possibly be why the blood cells around it are being damaged as they try and assimilate.

I would never assume the depths of the evil behind this agenda; but there is one, and its malevolence is strong. I'm not a doctor (nor do I play one on TV), thank God, which is why my eyes can see what theirs can't. Some of these Tik-Tok dancers know this is a crime against humanity, and that makes them implicit, but most of them only take blood and wipe asses, they are ignorant and want to stay that way. I cannot abide these people, and will have my revenge on them for murdering my father, 3 years ago (the 20th of this month was his death). Please let me be a vessel for Your divine fury, Lord!

As ever, I'm glad you listen to my rants. God bless and watch over you.

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Aug 26, 2023·edited Aug 26, 2023Author

First off I want to say I'm sorry for your loss brother. The true death toll of this war is impossible to quantify, and the victims of this war are many; they include our families, our friends, and our countrymen. I have praised God for the lake of fire quite often in the last week, these demons have more than earned their eternal torment.

Chitosan hadn't come up in my research yet, but that was the last piece of the puzzle we needed. This makes this whole edible bugs thing even more insidious; they need to mass produce bugs to create enough of these compounds for the bioweapons. God bless you for this information, this provides another crucial clue to help disassemble these monstrosities.

The graphene is NECESSARY to kill off the immune system so their machines can do their work. The boosters are NECESSARY to fully upgrade the new operating system they are trying to install in what once was humanity. That is why they're about to push whatever round of boosters were on next month.

Right around the time people got wise to the scam and stopped getting their boosters, fellow researchers like Dr. Ana and La Quinta Columna started finding this in all our medicines. They switched to mass poisoning to ensure almost everyone would get it through injections or sex.

They have to know they would get caught at some point, which makes me think that we are dangerously close from the mask coming off this beast for real. Draw close to those whom you love, people will need steely-eyed captains to guide them through the storm of the ages.

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Aug 28, 2023·edited Aug 28, 2023Liked by Scipio Eruditus

If the information I provided helps us unmask that Beast, then it can only have come from God; that is the only way I could have ascertained this; I am not a molecular biologist, but I am a trained cryptologist, thanks to Uncle Sam.

What brought me to my conclusion was something I did not even realize I was doing, which is what I was trained to do: look for anomalies.

I noticed that in all the literature about the technology of making the kill shots there was what we call a HAPAX. From wiki:


When something is referred to only once in a written work, then not spoken of again or given definition, my hackles get raised, and that was the case with quaternized chitosan. I mean, who besides those who would handle such matter know about this? That plus the fact that it was marginalized led me to believe it was probably worth pursuing, which is what I did.

Again, if this is God working through me to help stop this evilness, then let me be His faithful servant.

That is all I ask.

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"Steely- eyed Captains" is exactly what we need in this storm. And it is the storm of all of those ages. Manufacturing our consent for many thousands of years. Now they have the oligarch's dream in the form of techo-fascism. It isn't "just" a limited genocide - it is a fool hardy exercise which may cause human extinction. The effects now understood on our DNA and RNA are profound.

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CO you just solved this puzzle for me. Thank you brother, will say more later.

Walk with Christ.

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We've proven:

1. DoD contracted vaccine manufacturers to include stealth electromagnetic devices in the injected solution

2. Micro-routers made with graphene and carbon tubes are responsible for the extreme magnetism, which activates especially after strong EMF around, detected in some injected or swabbed: clips, spoons, phones, stick in the injection site then magnetism moves to forehead.

3. The chips harvest the surrounding EMF and turn it into electricity to power the micro-routers

4. The router emits Bluetooth Low Energy (you can pick the signal up with any app like BLE detector)

4. The BLE is picked up by your phone and re-transmitted to a DoD human ID website server

my conference:

Presented by Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA tech:


cut from censored youtube video of the International COVID Summit 2022 France

Now, are you really ready for this?:

The full PLAN exposed:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet


I'll soon post more the complete proof of the BLE chips in that substack.

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Candida yeast has an outer chitin shell that makes it very difficult for our immune system to penetrate and kill. One reason why it's successful at colonizing the body. If the chitin is pierced it is very easy to kill.

Like how diatomaceous earth pierces an insect's chitin exoskeleton and it dies by dehydration.

I don't know if this will help, but I hope so. Only Jesus. God Bless.

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IF they were ever to isolate the virus.....It would 100% incriminate THEM...cuz THEY made it in a lab & Fraud & Murder have no statues of limitations as I was taught by Patrick Jordan at Vaccinefraud.com

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Aug 25, 2023·edited Aug 25, 2023Liked by Scipio Eruditus

Prodigious research here.. Wow. I'm sharing this far and wide. As we enlighten people - it is with the hopes that more and more will eschew the drugs/vaccines/masks and the rest of the flotilla of harmful 'medicines', that the elites have composed for our destruction. My mission will also be, by the spirit of God, to help us all restore the blood God gave us, that houses the life of the flesh.

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Thank you sister, indeed there is always hope in the Lord.


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I just saw it today. Thank you for the inclusion of my graphene oxide article.

The link between graphene oxide and insects:

One of the reasons why they want us to eat more insects is the following. The exoskeleton of insects is made of chitin, a polysaccharide. Chitin is deacetylized to obtain chitosan. Through pyrolisis (900 -1000 °C) you get carbon. That carbon is exfoliated to obtain graphene oxide. So basically you are using biomass to synthesize graphene oxide.

It's pure madness that insects are introduced into our food.

Link between Alzheimers and chitin:


They also contain allergenes, parasites, alkaloids etc. There's a reason why we humans are disgusted by insects. It's a protective mechanism.

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Thank you for the link, and your work as well.

We all have a different piece of this murderous puzzle that we must work together to assemble.

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This gave me the chills. Thanks for the info. Do you have a Substack on insects? I’d love to learn more…

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I'm sure there is someone else that is doing that. The question is if he is pro or con regards the introduction of insects into our food supply.

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Nice collection. You and I even agree on the people who are worth reading (well, Watt is using Latypova about the injections, which results in misleading conclusions, but she is fine as long as she stays with legalities).

Please, also notice that the delivery systems are now so versatile that injections only measure the recipient's gullibility, compliance, and intelligence, but otherwise are only red herrings:



The self-assembling nanocomputers, consequently the cyborgs, are also remotely controlled by 5G or comparable technologies:


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Thanks for the links Ray I will give those a read.

I think you and I are on the same trail here and have reached many of the same conclusions precisely because we actually read the papers these controlled op losers wave around as proof of "the virus" or "spike protein damage". Almost every single wound pattern we have seen, from the "clotting"(they aren't clots) to the died suddenly's, can be explained through the side effects of nanotechnology and EMF radiation.

This whole Gene Therapy/Spike Protein/modifiedRNA shlock has been a huge red herring to throw people off the scent of the very real and very operational weapon systems.

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Aug 26, 2023·edited Aug 26, 2023Liked by Scipio Eruditus

You and I are certainly on the same page. In fact, I didn't find anything in your the article that I didn't quite agree on.

According to Mihalcea, there are only negligible differences between v'd and unv's blood, which I suspected already last year, but I asked her to check it out and I was correct in my conjecturing.

Also, the interaction between various elements of the democidal methods seem to be ignored.

Self-assembling GO nanocomputers are delivered in hydrogel, and are remotely controlled with 5G or comparable technologies:


Once the nanoreceiver/transmitter/CPU is anchored to the body, it uses the body's bioelectricity to operate, and can affect or even control bodily functions, including cell proliferation. As the technology is a bioweapon, protective measures are certainly designed into it, and interference with other stimuli can activate or deactivate specific features...

What makes it even worse is that the war on humanity of multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, so it is impossible to determine causes out of symptoms, especially because the various elements of the attack can interact with each other...

A while ago, following a conversation with K. Watt, I even ventured to explain the red herring of the mRNA/spike protein crap in plain English (which was my third, most complete article on the subject):


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1000% Ray.

You might be able to help me, do you know of a research/medical paper that actually demonstrates that quantum assembly process?

The ones I keep running across will just kind of assume some of this stuff, but I’ve yet to come across a paper that shows how they actually do the thing.

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Aug 26, 2023·edited Aug 26, 2023Liked by Scipio Eruditus

first modern day case of morgellons was recognized by lab biologist (& internist husband) when her young son developed multicolored fibers protruding from his skin in early 2000’s…

her foundation…


written off by medical community as a psychiatric condition…


many are now speculating the spread of the toxin in chemtrails. there was a cluster of cases in Northern California and the community was vocal in pushing for an investigation (which included Air Force inquiries by Kaiser)




are the fibers somehow activated by (differing) EMF signals (which also cause blood rouleaux)?

pure speculation footnote: have been pondering if these compounds in the rainwater & water supplies (along with EMFs), uptake in plants, have been selectively genetically engineering plant life… previously on a level playing field, have noticed some plants weirdly thriving while others struggle mightily (winners & losers?)

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Important links KSA, thank you.

Yes, these technologies have been deployed precisely because they interact with the EMF spectrum. Photothermal agents, such as hydrogel, can be "activated" essentially by certain frequencies, thereby heating up the cells around them and killing them.

In his 2018 lecture at the MWI linked at the top of the article, Dr. James Giordano talks about this very type of technology being used to induce an epidemic of strokes in an enemy population.

They absolutely are spraying the environment with heavy metals. That being said, I am of the same opinion as SIRIUS in that there was clearly not an efficient enough uptake through environmental contaminants, so they decided to pursue the injection route.

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Aug 27, 2023·edited Aug 27, 2023Liked by Scipio Eruditus

Inhuman psychopaths concoct these monstrosities, the same sickness that brought nuclear weapons into the world.

There is no noxious crime that the evildoers desiring to lord it over us won't commit to maintain their stranglehold on power. A groundswell critical mass resistance to their murderous enslavement plans is needed urgently!

There is a fate worse than death - I would rather die than be a robotized slave of technocratic overlords! This is my hill to die on!

I have a landline and a wired laptop and a wired monitor screen, all the tech anyone should ever want or need. I never had and refuse to ever have one of those infernal mobile devices that are designed to enslave you.

My loathing of AI and all things NANO and digital knows no bounds!

Kudos to SCIPIO ERUDITIS' heroic efforts and success in the struggle. We the People must always be aware of the existential threats lurking behind this fight!

How I stick my thumb in the eyes of the grotesque billionaire bastards pushing their enslavement agenda and how I embrace being fully human.

Fighting the globalist predator technocrat psychopath megalomaniac TOTAL SLAVERY AGENDA one performance at a time!

Amazing Amy: Eccentric Yoga Entertainer!

As an entertainer, I have been devastated and practically destroyed by the closure of all performance venues and then when they reopened, because MY BODY, MY CHOICE - being made a total untermenschen pariah outcast in NAZI NIGHTMARE LAWLESS 'SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS' JAB CROW APARTHEID/DISCRIMINATION/SEGREGATION HELL NYC WHERE THE MAD/DRUNK WITH POWER TYRANT POLS DOUBLE DOWN ON THEIR ILLEGAL MANDATES. I am trapped here with zero financial resources to leave or do anything else about this 'wish I were dead' endless misery life has become. The tragic irony is that my SPREAD THE YOGA LOVE performances are all about health, miraculously overcoming age (68) and injury to achieve feats of flexibility few can attain at any age. So BIG PHARMA who wants to addict every person on the planet to their toxic products hate people like me who prove that we do not need them if we eat healthy organic food and exercise daily!


I try and live and embody the creative performing artistic world and life I so fervently want existence to be about.

They can stick their f*cking damned NANO, Digital IDs, AI, jabs and chips up their asses where the sun don't shine!

All manner of lies and propaganda spew forth from the upper echelons in governments worldwide who are completely intertwined with the global criminal ruling class that wants to commit the worst atrocities imaginable and suffer no consequences. And their corruption slithers down the chain of command creating petty tyrants everywhere.

Supporting this excellent post with a statement and useful links. https://virustruth.net


It was NEVER about health! The Powers That Should Not Be were ALWAYS about they want you DEAD or a SLAVE! This is a painful truth to accept but we the people must wake up and fight back!

We must never lose sight of the larger picture of the vile malignance we are fighting against.


There is an insidious global ruling class plot to enslave all life on earth behind all the madness and suffering inflicted on We the People.

How to fight back against this TOTAL SLAVERY!


Other than getting rid of nuclear weapons which I support 100% the rest of the anti-nuclear peace movement and CLIMATE CRISIS propaganda is parroting UN utter GARBAGE, a complete surrender to the ENSLAVEMENT AGENDA by the diabolical despots of Davos - ruling class criminals who lust for total power and control and all of whom should be tried and jailed for life and their malign organizations dismantled: the UN, the WEF, the IMF, the WHO, the BIS, NATO, Blackrock, Vanguard, The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, The Bilderbergers, the CFR et al.

There is an evil predator globalist technocratic elite agenda of eugenics/depopulation/genocide using bioweapon poison jabs, war, geoengineering, EMF radiation, starvation and economic collapse - THE GREAT RESET/AGENDA 2030/4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION to get rid of billions of 'useless eaters' and to use nano tech to turn the survivors into ROBOTIZED COMPLIANT SLAVES! WAKE UP AND RESIST! DO NOT COMPLY! These are psychopath megalomaniacs who want to play god by turning all life into digitized metaverse mechanistic synthetic biology to be manipulated by their AI algorithms. A more demonic sickening idea is nearly impossible to imagine!


MAKE THE WORLD AND AMERICA 2019 (comparatively speaking), AND FREE AGAIN!
















Pam Popper: https://makeamericansfreeagain.com

Del Bigtree: https://www.brighteon.com/channels/highwire


Naomi Wolf: https://dailyclout.io



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Spot on Amy, this is the hill we must be willing to die on.

As a side note to an otherwise excellent comment, nukes are another cunning psychological ruse deployed against us in the same vein as CONVID 19. I covered this in The Coincidence Zone: Atomic Edition series:




They have weapons we should be worried about, such as the vile filth seen above - but nukes aren’t one of them. These people are living embodiments of evil; if they could neutron bomb us, they would do it in without hesitation.

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Aug 25, 2023·edited Aug 25, 2023Liked by Scipio Eruditus

Excellent work Scipio! Graphene is not discussed enough! With all I have learned about it so far, I think it should be topic number one everywhere! Especially for everybody that is concerned about their body/mind autonomy, and I think the numbers of people who understand what autonomy actually means are significant, altho, it would seem, still not big enough to gain critical mass.

Btw, have you came acros Harald Krautz Vella in your research about nano-tech and graphene?

I first heard about sentient nano-tech from him around 2015, - actually a bit later, my bad! - (edited). I got REALLY interested in it because stuff like that ("black goo") was the main charachter in few SF novels I have read a decade before.

Quotes from an article which describes his work:

"In his presentation, Kautz-Vella also talks about the substance known as "Black Goo", which is a sentient oil-like liquid. Pay attention to this section even though it may seem "way out there" because guess what, "Black Goo" has already been featured in numerous movies, video games, television series, music videos, and various other areas in the mainstream arena. This brings us back to Predictive Programming and if you're familiar with the content on my site, you should know that these kinds of "appearances" in the mainstream media are just an announcement of what's about to transpire in the 'real world'. Have you ever wondered why Google was named GOO-gle?"

"The NASA presentation that Kautz-Vella mentions titled "Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]; The 'Bots, 'Borgs and Humans Welcome You To 2025 A.D.", which was accidentally released in 2001 and is now part of the public domain can still be found and downloaded online on this link. I included the PDF below. I advise you to read all the slides and look at what is being rolled out in the world as we speak. This wasn't a "prediction" as the technologies that are being discussed already existed way before then. ( https://archive.org/details/FutureStrategicIssuesFutureWarfareCirca2025 )"

So, he was a guest on a known TVshow in Croatia that deals with alt-science, ancient civilizations/aliens and similar topics, called "Na Rubu Znanosti". There he presented his case about a dark force wanting to enslave humanity with use of this nefarious type of nano-tech that he called black goo. He built a small following and he had a yt channel which I joined after the TV show. Then after few months all hell broke loose. He was supposedly attacked by this demonic entity and there were few months without him reporting further. And then he came back with news how he and some other forces managed to win over this entity and how humanity is now on a timeline on which it is responsible for itself again. He was now in company of a woman who was in every vid with him and he claimed she was one of his saviors in the fight. And in next few months no one was mentioning him, his channel was not updated any more and after a year I stopped following his story. 2 years passed and then 2020 plandemic hit. As soon as I first heard about graphene I remembered Vella, but now no one was mentioning him.

Idk, it is hard to even say things like this, no way of confirming most of it, no one to talk to about it....

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I have not heard of him, I will definitely be looking into that, thank you.

Yes it was hard to believe at first, but seeing is believing.

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Aug 25, 2023·edited Aug 25, 2023Liked by Scipio Eruditus

Oh, I forgot to mention why else was I so interested in this. In 2018 (there was a LOT of this in Croatia that year, it went largely un-reported but you could claim an epidemic of weird unknown diseases) I experienced weird flu, with symptoms swithching from throat to stomach to sinuses and then back for another round, and managed to go through it without any antibiotics, since then I had no seasonal flu (every year up to that I had it 2-3 times a year). And that happened after I had two serious operations and nearly lost my life on both occasions. A pneumothorax and then a burst in my thin-colon. On both occasions I picked up super resistant bacteria in hospitals and for years I had such skin issues that you could make a fucking movie about just my two legs (this all started in 2014).

And in that moment, around 2018-19 my half-sister had managed to get a Morgellon infection and she had managed to take pictures of the stuff that was exiting her and her boyfriend. She had a huge saga with going to ten doctors and some of them calling her crazy! Finally she found one who knew how to treat her. I presume you heard about this nano-tech "disease/infection"?

After all this I described, Vella comes on and blows my mind. Thats the crux of it.

I think a lot of this nano-stuff was released in various ways in those years, certainly it was evident in my city.

So, I gathered that all those weird unknown diseases were cases when human body has to deal with infections with nano tech graphene or whatever else toxic crap they came up with and released into environment without telling the public.

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That’s wild man, yeah you know the reality of this more so than most. morgellon’s is likely the proto-version of this technology.

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Aug 25, 2023·edited Aug 25, 2023Liked by Scipio Eruditus

Yep, maybe a first round of nano-technology experiments on global level. But it seems they were not satisfied with the results of administering graphene through environment so they went for "vaccines" and PCR tests, to inject this stuff into the bloodstream and get it to the brain. Which is why I think Delgado from LaQuintColumna is on point. The only thing which is still suspicious to me is the "fact" that there seem to be different reactions to "vaccines" on national level, and theres still no way to be sure which country got which type of "vaccine" and how many were actually administered, there are few cases in which nurses were caught giving saline instead of the covid shot.

Also, you saw how pHarma now claims that certain batches were placebo. Riiight, just more confusion.

I also think that the covid shot might have included "spirit killing" technology, some type of DNA based toxin which targets certain genes and renders them useless or screws them up. I base this speculation on that video from CIA (from 1995) training that talks about targeted vaccination programs. And you know about the prediction from Rudolf Steiner which mentions "Spirit-killing" vaccines..

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Isaiah 58:6-9

6 “Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:

to loose the chains of injustice

and untie the cords of the yoke,

to set the oppressed free

and break every yoke?

7 Is it not to share your food with the hungry

and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter—

when you see the naked, to clothe them,

and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?

8 Then your light will break forth like the dawn,

and your healing will quickly appear;

then your righteousness[a] will go before you,

and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.

9 Then you will call, and the Lord will answer;

you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I.

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Thank you brother!

Godbless & Godspeed Scipio

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You’re on the money brother.

The quantum realm is the spirit realm. These are both physical as well as spiritual weapons. Prayer and fasting will be the centerpiece of our detox strategy, which we are still in the process of testing.

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Yes!!! Prayer, fasting and if I may add: grounding!

Connecting with our true roots and environment which makes us what we are! And reclaiming ALL the authority which we unconsciously delegated onto wrong people.

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Aug 29, 2023Liked by Scipio Eruditus

These pictures are incredible! Thank you so much for sharing your findings!

These are probably the first images of visibly folded structured rectangles full of quantum dots (QDs) ready for the big roll-out! The foldings marks seem to be indicated by the white lines.

As the pictures have no date/time frame or reference number, I will do my best to identify which one I refer to. :)

The first nanogel rectangle structure (6th picture) has no hydrogel substrate around it. I wonder what has it grown from. Has it formed then left its « island »? Are there subsequent pictures to the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th that would indicate an > of the size of the rectangles or their movements?

Could picture # 10 be the first stage of what might be a 3 folds (if rolled inward) or 5 filaments (if developing outward) optic fiber transformation of the rectangle? I mention this because of the fine white (folding/unfolding?) lines.

In the background of picture # 16, there are fibers connected to the islands. Moreover, when enlarged the bottom center one shows an unfolded (growing or disintegrating?) graphene rectangle inside. Could rectangles melt to create hydrogel pools/islands in order to provide the material required to the fabrication of the fibers and not the other way around?

As per a Dr. David Nixon video these rectangles can dissolve and disperse their material too (See https://drdavidnixon.com//1/en/topic/david-mat-shimon-230506)

As I previously mentioned to Karl.C., what I saw in his last picture was a connecting or disconnecting rectangle to/from a characteristic optic fiber/filament with QDs outlining both the rectangle and the fiber corresponding edges. (See his last picture at https://managainstthemicrobes.substack.com/p/q-dots-in-blood-suddenly-from-some ).

To my opinion, the QDs are initially inside these rectangles, then fibers folded structures. The rectangle with its QDs unfolds (then coil to close) into a 3 strands endings optic fiber that becomes autonomous. While gathering the material for its growth (blood, lipids, Fe3, carbon or other substrates), it manufactures more QDs and everything else it needs. One end has a uncower shape, the other 3 thin strands, which can enter the crystals and download QDs and instructions (See connected crystal at: https://davidnixon.substack.com/p/mateo-taylor )

Taken by Dr. David Nixon and collaborators, some of their pictures show crystal chips like “docking“ on the sides of the fibers or being directly connected to a grown crystal (See nixonlab Substack). It is worth mentioning that Dr. Nixon also took a live video of nanobots building a crystal and another one of bubbles (lipid or other material?) orderly coming out of a “tube”. Both are at:

https://drdavidnixon.com//1/en/topic/about-me and https://davidnixon.substack.com/p/mateo-taylor

As your substrate favours this beautiful type of unfolded rectangles they should be filmed live for a long period of time using the same magnification. A dark field microscope could also show the fine details.

So far, no one has taken a LIVE video showing either the unfolding of a graphene sheet into a fiber, a rectangle separating from a fiber, QDs or lipids entering or exiting a fiber or a rectangle.

Who will be the first?

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Thank you for the links and great questions Danyèle; honestly your hypotheses of some this stuff is certainly valid. There is just too much we don't know still about how precisely these operate or self assemble. The more literature I read, the more I'm starting to think a lot of these nanotech "experts" are just guessing too. Some of your questions are questions we have, so I will definitely be checking those links out.

My team and I are trying to focus on compiling as many different samples as we can at this stage of research, and we only have access to one darkfield microscope at this time, so processing of our samples is not as robust as we would like it at this moment. I have annotated the images with titles to help with our conversation.

The literature describes the QD's as the workhorse of this technology, which is why there is so much activity within the hydrogel structures we see. I believe we are seeing the beginning stages of a nanocrystal being formed in D14 & D15. The scientific literature describes the nanoislands as the source of these structures, as well as the QD's, which conforms with what we have seen so far.

There is also the very real possibility that what we are seeing is different types of biosensors, with the filaments and nanocrystals performing different roles. Since they are created with hydrogel from EMF signals, Dr. Nixon's could be witnessing this technology changing form in response to internal or external stimuli.

There are just so many variables and disinfo to wade through. Until we get some of these war criminals under interrogation to confirm some of this, these are admittedly just our best educated guess.

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Sep 4, 2023Liked by Scipio Eruditus

Does this picture of an optic fiber remind you of rectangle crystal shapes?

Fibre optique au microscope, 1000×, éclairage coaxial + composition en profondeur


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Aug 30, 2023·edited Aug 30, 2023Liked by Scipio Eruditus
Sep 5, 2023Liked by Scipio Eruditus

Yes I have read about his research. :)

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Aug 28, 2023Liked by Scipio Eruditus

This is excellent! I would love to share this with my pastor but he will not listen. Do you believe there are truly saved people who don't see this? My pastor absolutely believes we must be obedient to God and believes in His sovereignty to keep a remnant until the end. He also believes he may need to be beheaded for Christ. However, he doesn't see the lateness of the hour. And, does not believe in a literal motb, etc. but did not take the jab.

Why can I see this? I believe that I am so weak (and a new believer) so He is letting me know what to expect so I'm not totally taken off guard (preparing me mentally?). I do believe I'll be able to tell other believers that 'I expected "whatever comes" to happen?'. Any thoughts?

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I think true Spirit filled believers can sense a pervasive darkness and heaviness, but there are so many lies that have been fed to people, even the good ones awake to this issue believe the threat to be something other than it actually is. Too many Pastors are too afraid to walk in true faith, they live in more fear of their congregation than they do their Lord, and a lot of them frankly would rather wait for the rapture or some other divine act to bail them out without doing the hard work of fighting off this assault upon their flocks. I don't get that impression from yours based on those comments, but these issues are the main culprits in my eyes on why more won't speak up on any hot button issue, whether it be abortion or the jabs.

No man knows the time or hour, but that being said, these are not the days of Noah. Our genes are not being corrupted on a fundamental level. They would love to be able to permanently alter our genes, but they simply can not do that, YET. They have purposely created a narrative around what these weapons are and what they can do so that the Church would feel helpless to stop what they perceive to be the mark.

It may be the end of days, it may not, but regardless, we are tasked with running that race all the same sister. If martyrs must be made, then may we hold our heads high and meet that day with the dignity, as so many other saints did before us.

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I love the Isaiah 58:6-9 passage you put up. Looking forward to more of your articles. I agree with your assessment of most of the church leaders. Please pray for me to press on and run this race to whatever He has preordained for my life. "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” 2 Cor 12:9 I'm keeping you and yours in prayer, Scipio.

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Aug 31, 2023·edited Aug 31, 2023

What's amazing to me is that even people who are agnostic (and I think I know of one person who professes atheism) can put the whole picture together or the majority of what is transpiring. It may be that some who are not committed to the Gospel of Christ are being led to it through this horrific crime against humanity. It may also be that the Holy Spirit is working to eventually convert some of these people. Therefore, it is important to always be courteous to them, answer any questions they have and defend the faith against all enemies:

"Always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you, yet do it with reverence and gentleness", 1 Peter 3:15.

For those who doubt a literal MOTB, it is worth pointing out that John the evangelist who wrote the Book of Revelation was the apostle that Jesus loved, the only one of the male followers of Jesus who did not abandon him. He stood along with Christ's mother Mary at the foot of the Cross for the entire crucifixion and helped remove His body from the Cross, along with some other Holy women (Mary Magdelene, Mary of Cleophus and Salome), Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus. John was present with Christ during His agony in the Garden of Gethsemane and earlier, had seen Our Lord transfigured, literally speaking with Moses and Elijah, both of whom had physically left the earth and were assumed to be dead (physically), but were present there in the body, proven by Jesus actually speaking with them.

If any of the Apostles should be believed, it is John who indicated that a mark on the right hand or forehead would identify the followers of the AC, those who accepted the mark and worship him as God, (Revelation 13:4,16-18; 14:9-13. I encourage everyone to read these and related passages. The AC appearance on the world stage should be imminent in light of all that has transpired to date. Time is short, IMHO and I don't want anyone to inadvertently fall victim to the lies of the Devil and his false (anti) christ. Much more could be said about why this is likely the time.

It is wrong for multiple reasons to purport that the MOTB is figurative rather than literal.

First, prophetic scripture is written so that it can be interpreted literally by those alive at the time of its fulfillment. Sometimes there is also a figurative meaning, but not to the exclusion of the physical. Second, the MOTB warning was specifically given to prevent people (alive at the time of its fulfillment) from being confused when a false messiah appears and demands to be worshipped as God. Every person who claims to be a Christian should understand this, whether they are a so-called pastor, priest or penitent. Eternal salvation is at stake.

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It may be that carnal people or people of the flesh are able to discern issues of the flesh as easily as those who follow Christ. The flesh doesn't matter in comparison to the soul. Christ on the cross made that clear.

We aren't going to "solve" our fleshly dilemma with science. I am developing Spiritual strengths. I have had Morgellons/Cross Domain Bacterial disease for over fifteen years. Everyone can flail about and buy microscopes and etc., etc., etc. It's the same path victims of Morgellons/Cross Domain Bacteria disease have taken for decades and nothing in the way of a physical cure has come of it.

It's a waste of time unless it leads you to Christ. Only Christ.

There is only one path. The narrow path. Only Jesus.

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Excellent article and engaging comments. What exactly is the purpose of the graphene and nanotech? Is it mind control or something worse?

Why do “They” want us to become cyborgs and how do “They” avoid it themselves? Could it be something to do with Rh- blood? I could be wrong but I have heard that royal bloodlines are all Rh- and also Rh- could have something to do with nephilim genes

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Excellent research.

I beat the 6g lowpan. I will answer any questions I can to help you fill in the blanks.

I' was one of Jimmy juice Giordano's 10k super soldiers... Biffi the Dizdar doll...

The hackable animal typhoid Mary to spread the CDC killer STD to those that did not get a jab.

I'm a gain of function toy. I turn animal diseases into people diseases. I've been in operation since 1996.

In 2018, when seniors over 70 got their covid19/flu injections... And I realized I contained the "destruction of all flesh", I hung up my spurs, closed my legs and became a solo sailor. I wasn't in the USA during the mask debate or toilet paper shortage. It's why you only had a plandemic.

Our good govt found me.

Odysse.com @ncchange has images (camera and microscope) of what came out of me in 2021. The duckworth eviction will explain some of what was happening in the background.

When doing histology... Look at the edge of the slide/cover slip. That's where the tech is.

It was designed to leave a body in under 4 hours (at death for undetectability)

I also have a ❓ n A at telegram under Sabrina's psinergy channel called dark side of the moon. Talks about what I did and how I approached getting my free will back

The tech doesn't work like they say it does... Or I'd still be Biffi.

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Dec 3, 2023·edited Dec 3, 2023Author

I am very sorry to hear that, but thanks for this information Nicole. I have also noticed these structures tend to clump around the edges of the slide, but it's good to get confirmation.

I tried looking for that Odysee channel but couldn't find anything, I'd love a direct link to that video if you could.

After listening to Giordano talk for dozens of hours now, I've been getting the vibe he's already hooked up to the hivemind. How offbase am I with that assumption?

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And yes

Just think of it like a kids recess where ya gotta pick your team for kickball.

Be grateful they all decided to wear the same uniform 😂

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Wow, this is amazing microscopy. Keep it up. Really clear and sharp images there. At least the numbers aware is growing. Fantastic work

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Thank you, and you as well sir!

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Best microscopy I've seen yet.

Now we're getting somewhere.

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Thank you! We were quite blown away by the clarity of these nanostructures as well.

I will pass your compliments along to my research partner, these samples were his work.

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Well written mate. I've abstained and my bloods contaminated like everyones. A contact spreading toxin/vaxx has been used in Australia for a long time.


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Thank you 🙏

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Thank you Danyèle for this great comment. I think you are on the money with these observations, replicating them under a slide is the tricky part of the equation. Bio-electricity is an integral part of the construction of these devices. Without providing that energy source, I imagine it would be difficult to properly construct these materials under the slide. We have left samples out near Wi-Fi routers and have not seen a demonstrable change in the structures.

I know Dr. Nixon has run electrical currents through samples to produce some of these effects. We are working on replicating that set up ourselves.

"What happens next? Have we all humans inexorably been hijacked for the IoT?"

- It's hard to say definitively. Personally, I think if "they" had the system fully operational they would have used it on us already. The controllers are quickly getting to that point however.

"This said, Human beings are electrical bodies. Are RBCs and WBCs electrically charged too -kind of electrical structural cohesion that could be altered by the QDs?"

- Yes they are, and our blood vessels are as well. That repelling effect is how they travel through the veins without becoming stuck. These nanomaterials are known to cause cytotoxic effects, so it is certainly a multi-faceted attack upon the cellular membranes. The electrical properties of our bodies are fascinating, and hijacking it is definitely an integral aspect of this weapon platform.

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Oups! Comment deleted instead of edited…

Fortunately, I had copied the text, which will follow my reply.

Thanks for providing us with so many useful informations and reflexions!

You're probably thinking that I'm stubborn, that what I see in the photos and videos doesn't fit in with the accepted scientific narrative… and you're absolutely right! LOL! I am grateful for your kind patience with the neophyte!

I admire you very much for working on these structures, especially under ambient & microscope lights, which is a huge challenge per se, and it must also be quite exciting for these light-emitting particles in particular -pun intended. Who knows, there may even be even smaller objects or magneto-electric phenomena at work at the sub-quantum level.

The deranged elites want total power and control over their serfs. So far, they have mislead us mainly by doing exactly the opposite of what they are saying or want us to believe. If hey destroy us all at once with the kill switch, there will be no one left to obey to them at will, only uncontrollable and hackable machines they themselves will become slaves of.

Young people and their relations with their mind captivating cell phones are already unknowingly paving the way to their future enslavement. World Wide WEB was an apt name for the beast that hunts and captures us, humans, via the Internet…

While we're working for solutions, we should all take infrared baths and release God’s particles by chanting the beneficial electrical frequencies mantras in OM, Ω, Ω, Ω. :)

Take good care!



Original comment October 16

My condolences. Very sad outcomes for many people, indeed.

What happens next? Have we all humans inexorably been hijacked for the IoT?

We already know the content of the “vaccines” is meant to injure or kill “all the useless eaters”. We now have to identify which mechanisms will short-circuit the nano contaminants observed in the blood.

Still photos are ok but, what we’d really need to see is a video of Dr. S.’s rehydrated pink crystal over a 12 hour period, then accelerated, using the same technique as in Dr. Nixon's video of a nanobot construction (https://drdavidnixon.com/?v=1&l=en). So far, no one has demonstrated from the start how the nano optic fibers, the hydrogel pools and the hexagonal crystals processus is initiated or evolutes.

From what I’ve seen so far, I would humbly offer the following observations with all due respect to all researchers dedicated to find the truth about the “vaccines” content. My intuition tells me that the whole invasion might be initiated by the origami-folded hexagonal shapes contained in the "vaccines" as well as in the blood of the infected by other means:

1) The hydrogel-quantum dots (QDs) hexagon unfolds its three sections (rectangle + a triangle overlapping) to form a full rectangle and then it grows. (See KarlC’s Substack pictures of August 12th);

2) The rectangle (your pink crystal pictures), whose 5 deployment lines are also very evident in some of Matt's Microscopy recent photos, generates a pool/island;

3) The deploying rectangle deploys into a nano optical fiber, which forms a circle around the pool/island and injects its content -i.e. hydrogel, QDs and who knows what else. (See Matt’s first 3 pictures, October 2) ;

4) The QDs replicate, attack/modify the red blood cells’ (RBCs) membranes inducing stress and rouleaux formations -Dr Anna.

5) The QDs “guide” the RBCs towards a pool/island where they are sucked and reduced to an orange raw material (we now have a video from Matt’s showing this process in greater depth, September 30);

6) The QDs assemble the various expelled materials around the nano optic fibers to build new clusters/crystals of hydrogel (as raw material for more fibers, QDs transportation or other purposes?) and crystals/nano microchips. (See stunning video from KarlC’s Substack, September 2)

Small microchips are often seen connected to a fiber’s side protuberances, while the fiber directly connects into the bigger ones with its 3 tendrils/strands end, as per Dr. David Nixon’s pictures.

I’m not a particle physicist, but these QDs really do appear to communicate with each other, the RBCs and the other structures. We can see that they also succeed in destroying the RBCs and even prevent the white blood cells (WBCs) from attacking them -Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea videos.

This said, Human beings are electrical bodies. Are RBCs and WBCs electrically charged too -kind of electrical structural cohesion that could be altered by the QDs?

QDs are nano beings lights that have specific frequencies (colours). Haven’t we been told that they will be activated as a kind of kill switch through some radio frequency signal?

Do we know what kind of problems were encountered by the researchers while in the making of the QDs? I have noticed that in the various videos presented some of them were clearly less active than others, whatever the colour of their wavelength.

So, here are two questions to all physicists and electrical engineers readers:

- May QDs flaws be used as a hint on how to disable them easily and once for all?

- Could a sustained counter frequency be emitted, either by all alternative radio stations or through the Internet, in order to annihilate or deactivate the various nano structures and QDs?

If we all work together, we will prevent many innocent people from being killed!

P. S. Sorry for the use of Google translation.

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